Tangible benefits of the Marriage Insight Program include:

  • better communication between partners (achieving greater transparency and openness)
  • an in-depth understanding of their own personality and emotional needs and those of their spouse
  • preparation for marriage in order to avoid the common pitfalls or minimize potential problems before they occur
  • specifically, participants learn …
  • how to connect on a deeper level
  • how to plan for life together, which includes making changes for the better
  • how to tolerate and be tolerated for the things that each partner would like to see changed in the other
  • how to adapt to their spouse’s personality and behavior
  • how to please their spouse and meet their needs… while gaining useful insight on the vast differences between “his needs” and “her needs”
  • how to properly resolve conflict
  • how to “listen,” clarify, and respond to the each other
  • how to budget and make good financial decisions
  • Participants also greatly improve their chances of identifying and avoiding a marriage doomed for failure. About 10-15% of couples break-up before marriage as a result of insight they gain from the program. Ending a relationship doomed for failure before the wedding is much better than the alternative. Failed marriages are costly and painful, not only for the participants, but for families, communities, and especially children. Stopping a failed marriage before it gets started is a tremendous potential benefit of Marriage Insight.

    Iron Mountain Ministries seeks to partner with churches and offer Marriage Insight as a supplement or alternative to their pre-marital training programs. Iron Mountain Ministries also provides weekend retreats and curriculum and other programs for churches that are designed to strengthen existing marriages.

    The Marriage Insight program, however, is designed solely to prepare unmarried couples for lifelong, meaningful marriages. It is not meant to help couples already in troubled marriages.

    Iron Mountain Ministries works with supporters who believe in the benefit of its programs and help provide assistance and scholarships to those who otherwise could not afford to participate.

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