Larry Irion is a highly experienced resource for couples seeking to marry or who are already married.

  1. 10 years of research with over 1500 couples of studying factors that are important to a very satisfied marriage
  2. Help identify weaknesses in marriages
  3. Help identify how their personality affects their marriage and how they can connect better with each other-awareness tool
  4. Worked with couples in our church and other churches for 10 years
  5. Developed two workbooks to help couples before marriage and after marriage called Couples Workbook and 3-M Making the Most of Your Marriage
  6. Trained pastors and their spouses in using the workbooks
  7. Put on seminars in other churches and Christian conferences
  8. Taught courses in Helping Relationships and Basic Counseling at Illinois State University
  9. Taught courses in Marriage and Family at Bradley University
  10. Masters degree in Education from University of Illinois and Masters in Counseling from Illinois State University
  11. Personally found how my own marriage has benefited from my studies on marriage